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Have you ever been out shopping at the mall and the lady at the kiosk is chasing you down with a hair straightener? Lisa Ong, principal optometrist at Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), says it is important to invest in an excellent pair of sunglasses in a local weather like Singapore's, because the considerable daylight accommodates UV rays that injury your eyes in the long term.

Perhaps the best resolution is to look for clothing with enough stretch or rent a private tailor. These may be the only choices for locating clothes that fits the top and backside properly. Clothing pieces that may be purchased individually in numerous sizes aren't as a lot of an issue as attire or lingerie that are designed to suit as one piece. For those who determine to hire a tailor to change your clothes, you'll have to select between shopping for a measurement that's greater and taking in the waist or shopping for a measurement that's smaller and letting out the bust.

With three sections, trifold wallets are a bit bigger and thicker than bifold wallets. They might have zippered coin pouches and extra card slots for carrying and organizing further gadgets. You'll be able to retailer one in your backpack or different bag or carry it in hand, as opposed to at all times retaining it in your pants pockets.

The ancient observe and sport of falconry, common in medieval times involved the usage of leather-based bags e.g. for meat, a knife, and to put the falcon's kills in. In actual fact it is still common in falconry at this time to use a leather hawking bag.