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5 Little Things That Count When Networking

Are you familiar with the saying "It's the little things that count"? It applies to life and especially applies to business networking. Some might say that people are petty but that just depends on the perspective one takes. Instead of thinking that people are petty, maybe we should embrace the aspect of different levels of sensitivity.

Each person has a different threshold on just about everything. So, it's really a judgment call when deciding to perform or act in a certain way, especially when you would like a particular result. Doesn't that just make sense?

In general, when relationships are built, either business or personal, there are several bricks to be laid in the wall-of-bond. Each brick, has its own individual size and weight. However, most of the bricks are small or "little". Thus, here are 5 little things that count in business networking;

1. Thank people for the smallest tasks.

We can all be absent minded at times. When a little favor is done, we may say to ourselves, "If I did that for someone, I wouldn't even expect a thank you." Be forewarned, the shoe is not on the other foot. Offer sincere thanks, even when it seems trivial.

2. Ask a person are they completely finished speaking before giving your input.

Our professional conversations can be pretty intense at times. We may also want to move along because of our individual agendas. These things can cause us to be abrupt and distracted as we speak. We may not always want to give the other person time to finish before we are ready to reply or add input. Patiently waiting for the other person to finish and asking them if they are, adds a certain validation to the speaker.

3. Get a person's permission before you start e-mailing them your newsletter.

Have you ever exchanged business cards at a networking event and suddenly started receiving weekly e-mail because your e-mail address was on your business card? This has happened to the best of us and you can't blame a guy/gal for trying.

However, this can be considered spamming. Furthermore, how much more of a warmer bond would you form with a person if you ask them if they would like to receive your e-mail alerts?

4. Acknowledge any possible minor miscommunications when you haven't spoken for quite some time.

Sometimes when we have contacts for a long period of time, missed calls or never replying to an e-mail can cause a small amount of tension. Time passes and wounds heal but there comes a time when you speak again.

It's always good to his acknowledge those little things that you missed through time. Apologize if you have to. This little action scores big points.

5. Give a person an update on a referral they may have provided.

Time can pass after a good referral has become a great client. It will do you well to contact the referral source at a much later time and let them know how great your relationship is going. Thank them again.