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Fendi Handbags - The 'It Bag'

Fendi handbags are 'it bags' by the best-seller designer handbag makers, Fendi. It is among the high-priced handbags that's been used by famous celebrities in Hollywood and others (who can afford it). By the way, Fendi is an Italian high fashion house best known for its "baguette" handbags. Being launched in 1925 as a fur and leather shop in Rome, it has become popular and a multinational luxury goods brand owned by LVMH. These beautiful handbags by Fendi have been patronized by many fashion lovers, proven by its existence for over one hundred years. If you are a certified fashionista, you can surely relate to the great feeling of using one of these stylish, beautiful, and high quality handbags! Although many people purchase these bags at full price, these bags are only available in limited quantities. A lot of people who wanted to have their own bag by Fendi just choose to buy their Fendi at a discounted price, some rent them, and others even consider having a replica one.

As mentioned earlier, this brand name is a staple in the world of Italian fashion and design. It started over a hundred years ago and by 2005-it has over one hundred seventeen stores worldwide. One of the key people behind this successful brand is no other than its artistic director Karl Lagerfeld. Aside from Fendi handbags, the brand has also been making different leather and other luxury goods like fragrances: Fendi for Women and Fendi for Men; its eyewear line is licensed to Marchon Eyewear and includes eyeglasses, as well as non-prescription sunglasses. In addition, the company is also popular for their shoes, coats, and dresses. Ever since 1930s-1940s, the FENDI name, which was already well known in Rome, begins to be famous outside the boundaries of the capital city. Ever since then, the 'double F' is designed and becomes an all-important feature in every Fendi item.

Fendi began to appear in the United States of America during the 1980s. The brand name first established its presence in New York and Los Angeles before moving across the country and eventually around the world. Every season, the house offers the public a new collection of items for sale. Unfortunately those items which include handbags, fragrances, shoes, coats, and dresses - are often only available in limited quantities. As a result, fashion lovers who want more find themselves sitting on waiting lists for the latest styles of handbags. No wonder that Fendi handbags have an expensive price range of several hundred to several thousand of dollars. Fendi is really good that it is not for everyone to own. But do not fret because your options include renting a bag. Many businesses are offering a variety of luxury handbag rentals. Another option left for you (after buying a fake one) is buying it at a discounted price. In fact, older bags can be found on Internet auction websites and discount stores. Just remember that the trick is to get in touch with the store as soon as the new collection is ready for resale.