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Healthy Nails the Natural Way

Every beauty conscious lady wanted to have healthy and beautiful nails. Nails of feet are not visible most of the times as they are covered up with shoes but those of fingers are seen frequently while our interaction with other people. The appearance of them can reveal a lot about our health and that is the reason doctors also examine the color of our nail when we are in poor health.

Our nails are basically made of hard protein which is known as Keratin. Keratin enables the nails to protect finger from injuries. By taking right diet we can make our nails healthy and beautiful, below are some of the diets that you should intake for the betterment of your nails.

When there is a lack of vitamin A and calcium in our body it causes dryness and brittleness of the nails. White bands across the nails indicate deficiency of proteins. When you notice tiny small white dots on your nails, your body is not getting enough zinc through your diet.

Drinking appropriate amount of water will restrain nails to crack and dry. After swimming session use moisturizer for your nails, this is because chlorine in the water tends to make your nail brittle.

When you apply nail polish make sure that you dry the first coat for several minutes before applying another, this will keep the second coat from dragging on the surface and will last longer. Nail polishes that dry too soon are not good for the nails and should be avoided. Last but not least you should manicure your nails from a professional once in 4 to 6 weeks time as the professional knows very well how to make your nails look healthy and beautiful at the same time.