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How To Know When To Change Your Guitar Strings

If you feel that you need to replace guitar strings, then rely on what's going on at the time and use your best judgement. Some people find that strings that are going a little dead irritate them so much that they can't handle it, where others can deal with the annoyance. Either way, to replace guitar strings all the time means that it all adds up in cost. Strings don't have to be expensive, but after obsessively switching them out they can be quite costly.

The first thing that I would recommend would be to do some research on the

different types of strings that are out there and how they are made. I can't give you a specific example, because every one is playing on a different type of guitar, but some sets of strings can out last the ordinary set as much as ten to one!

This all has to do with how they are made or wound generally. These processes

can be top secret within the company, but believe me when I say that they don't

mind boasting about it. Switching over to replace guitar strings like this can save you a lot of money, and they may even sound better.

If you are a musician or is in a band even just for fun, you may find yourself

having to change strings constantly, so the above suggestion may be perfect for you. If you are doing any kind of recording, the same can still be said, but if

you are just jamming to yourself, just enjoy yourself and don't worry if your strings sound perfect all the time, unless of course it really bothers you all that much.

If you break a string, that's a whole different issue. I know players who will

change just the one string that they broke, and then people like me who have to change all the strings at once. That's just the way I am though - I would rather start clean slate in that kind of a scenario, however, I always save my strings just in case.

Unless you decide to replace guitar strings that are ancient, save the old ones by rolling them up an putting them back in the string envelope for later use. If you have a guitar repair kit, this is the perfect place to store something like this for an emergency.