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How To Use A Camera -digital Photography Tips

Are you struggling to know how to use a camera? Are you confusing and frustrated with all the buttons on your camera? This article will attempt to demystify that camera of yours.

Probably the easiest thing you can do to learn how to operate your camera is to open up the camera manual that your camera came with. After you open it you really want to read it a few times and have a highlighter with you to underline important things you want to know.

Every camera is different and has different menus and settings .However, all cameras have a few common things.

Shutter Speed

All cameras have a shutter speed. Most automatic cameras even let you adjust this a good amount. Which is great since the shutter really lets you capture motion or action shots better. The shutter controls how long the light is let in to your camera. A long shutter would be 1/30 and a short one would be 1/500. Longer speeds make motion blurred like cars on the freeway at night turning into streaks of lights. A fast speed makes motion freeze. If you take a picture of a person jumping off a building with a fast shutter speed they will freeze in mid air in your photo. No blurriness will be evident.

Aperture Setting

The aperture in your camera controls the amount of light that is let in by adjusting the iris. The iris is just like our eyes. It enlarges in dark areas to let more light in and contracts when really bright. When you?re in a sunny place a good aperture to use is something like f16. When you?re in the shade a good aperture is something like f/5.6