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Vintage Piaget Watches

Piaget watches are a premium watch manufacturer from Sweden. They have been making watches for over 125 years and their products are a status symbol for wealth, fortune, and prestige. In recent years, the early models of these watches, known as vintage Piaget watches, have becoming very popular and very sought out among collectors. There are three eras of vintage watches, The Original Vintage Era, The Brand Years, and the New Designs Era. These watches are very hard to come by and feature very exquisite designs.

The Original Vintage Era: This era took place between 1874-1942. These watches featured very simple designs featuring just the time with a simple frame. Only three numbers were featured on these models, 3,9, and 12. These watches are nearly impossible to find and worth an absolute fortune.

The Brand Years 1943-1955: These models were more sophisticated and a ladies line was made. This line was designed and marketed to the sophisticated woman, and were very expensive at the time. The mens models were skinny watches, and the brand started to become very popular in the United States and all over Europe.

New Designs Era: Between 1956-1963 is when Piaget started really making a great name for themselves. A technology marvel was the Piaget Caliber 12P, this watch being the slimmest watch in the world that winding itself. These watches were more tech savvy than previous models but like previous years, every watch was hand crafted by a jeweler. Also, during this era, Piaget started creating their own stores in high fashion, luxury areas.