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What Exactly Are UGG Boots?

Well, they are a kind of boot that is created from sheepskin and have a woolen lining. They are well-loved by both men and women, but more specifically with teenagers.

The first UGG boots were produced in Australia. Individuals used them throughout the house since they were very easy to slip on. When during World Wars I and II aircraft pilots began wearing them, they became very popular with the pilots because they helped to keep their feet warm. The planes they travelled in were not pressurized, which in turn actually created very cold temperatures.

These aircraft pilots named their boots "fug" which was basically a derivative of flying UGG. No matter how they were referred to then, the finished result was that they were really cosy to wear. Sheepskin is a perfect material for keeping your feet warm as well as being sturdy.

UGGs often work like a thermostat by delivering more warmth as needed and lesser warmth when it is not needed. That is one reason why many people think it is easier to wear a pair of UGG boots without socks. Due to this, marine sports fans, including surfing and competition swimmers began to take an interest in UGG boots.

The popularity of UGGs increased during the 1960's when Australians began to create their unique boots to keep their feet warm after they had come out of the water. They added a soft sole which was much like an insulated sock. This is where the title UGG is thought to originate from (i.e. UGG boots essentially looked ugly).

Throughout Australia UGG is not considered a brand name. It's essentially an expression meaning sheepskin boot. It has been the subject of dialogue and dispute for a very long time. What originally began as a project to create a house shoe that could be sold to Australians countrywide has rapidly established into a worldwide operation because clients are looking specifically for boots that have the UGG title.

What was initially a simple farmer's market venture has elevated today into a worldwide industry for UGGs. The McDougall's, who live in Australia, embarked into a family business referred to as 'UGGs-n-Rugs' three decades ago. What originally began with taking their products for sale to the neighbourhood farmer's market has since, via the internet, escalated their sales beyond their wildest dreams. The result being that the UGGs market has expanded worldwide.

Without warning, in the United States, celebrities began wearing a version of UGG boots which had been created by the Deckers Corporation. This projected the profile of the UGG boot all over the world and therefore the interest in this kind of boot has continued to grow and grow.

Of course when celebrities start to wear something a completely new fashion trend inevitably explodes. This was no exception for the UGG boot because women, especially teenagers, quickly started searching the net for UGG boots.

So essentially what was originally simply an over-inflated sock has now converted into a best-selling boot. Today there are a variety of versions, colours and styles which have greatly changed the shape of the original UGG boot.

The great thing about UGG boots is that they allow you the option to wear them with a skirt, dress or with jeans/trousers and they still look very fashionable. That is why the appeal is not just limited to teenagers. Other age brackets have made a decision they like this kind of boot too. The UGG boot has truly advanced considerably from the original concept that started the whole craze.